What’s Your 2021 Going to Look Like?

It’s All About Mindset


Happy Saturday to you all.  I  hope this weekend is an enjoyable one for you!

I wanted to let you know that yesterday, I heard something disturbing. Do you know that I still work in a 9-5 job in the civil service?  (Even though I’m plotting and steadily working towards my escape from the cubicle). My whole reason for being these days!

Well, yesterday the UK government announced a likely 3-year pay-freeze for the likes of me and other public sector workers.  The thing is, we’re still caught in the austerity plan that was generated well over ten years ago. Ten years of not keeping up with inflation.  A salary that is gradually being chipped away, even though I and my colleagues are working even harder than ever.  Hardly seems fair, does it? Shouldn’t our years of ‘clocking in’ become increasingly financially rewarding — the ‘natural progression’ of things?

My first instinct on hearing this announcement was to feel defeated. Angry. The victim of injustice.  But then….my reflexes kicked in and I became thankful in about five seconds. Because I don’t have to view it that way. I remembered that I had canceled my subscription to the view that the only track to financial stability was to hold onto my dead-end job until the ‘magic age’ of retirement and disbursement of some (pithy) pension income.

Driver’s Seat

Nope. I’m going to drive this train — by learning all that I can to become self-employed through building different streams of income online. As I’ve mentioned previously, I want to reach out to like-minded people. People that KNOW that things can be different. And feel it in their very bones.

Just consider this:  In an alarming 10 December, 2019 article in CNBC, Morgan Stanley proclaimed that we may see the “MOTHER OF ALL RECESSIONS” in 2020. Well, 2020 has been memorable already, hasn’t it?  Is there worse yet to come? What are you doing to prepare for it?  I ask myself this too, every single day.

Have you been thinking about getting started with affiliate marketing — but want a ‘quick start’ to fire you up until you can take the time to piece everything together?  Have you been meaning to start — a few times — but end up giving in to overwhelm because you have so much else going on?  Believe me, I know all about that!  I’ve had a few false starts myself. There is so much to co-ordinate:  domains, hosting, WordPress, learning about SEO, content, keywords, auto-responders …. the list goes on.  It CAN be learned of course — but patience is your friend in this long game.  However: a kickstart never hurt anyone! And that brings me to:

The Training Wheels of Affiliate Marketing

I just thought I’d leave you with this, in case the pressure is on right now. Maybe you’re not sure about what’s happening with your job, or have taken a cut in salary, or are facing a similar scenario. It sucks! Worst case scenario, it makes you a bit afraid to wake up in the morning — because you have to start worrying all over again.

I’ve stumbled over a solution that might give you a jump-start — and show you that affiliate marketing is for you.  It’s called Perpetual Income.  It will save you a lot of that ‘setting-up’ time and headache and is really worth a look.

Friends, don’t ignore that voice inside that’s telling you to think differently, and then act.  We can design our futures. We owe it to ourselves.  Keep at it!

Yours in financial freedom,



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